Self-checkout CH6

The self-checkout and self-service solution for the retail and supermarket sectors

New shopping experience

Companies that want to improve their customers' shopping experience will find the CH6 Self-checkout kiosk an effective and efficient solution.

With greater autonomy and convenience, customers can enjoy a faster and more simplified payment process, reducing time in queues and increasing flow within establishments.

Adaptable to any space | Casharmour CH5

Shopping experience

Improving customer experience with a self-service solution that provides autonomy and speed at check-out.

Higher transaction speed | Casharmour CH5

Quick and easy payment

The versatility of the kiosk structure facilitates the integration of multiple payment methods for greater choice and ease of payment.

Convenience | Casharmour CH5

Shorter waiting time

The use of self-service and self-checkout kiosks increases the flow of customers in commercial establishments and reduces waiting times in long lines.

Autonomy and Convenience

The PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Self-checkout CH6 kiosk was designed to offer an autonomous and convenient check-out alternative in stores and supermarkets, providing an agile and hassle-free experience for customers.

With the ability to integrate a variety of equipment and a full range of functionalities to meet the specific needs of each establishment.

Stand out in a competitive market

Self-checkout solutions offer a number of tangible benefits for businesses, including reduced operational errors and significant cost savings.

By automating the checkout process, companies can direct resources to other areas of the business, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ease of Payments

One of the great advantages of self-checkout technology, such as the Self-Checkout CH6 model developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, is the diversity of payment options it offers to consumers.

In addition to traditional methods, such as paying in cash or by credit card, self-checkout kiosks are prepared to be integrated with various payment systems.

Technical characteristics

Type | Casharmour CH5



Size | Casharmour CH5



Display | Casharmour CH5


22’’ Screen Display

Weight | Casharmour CH5


Aprox. 60kg

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