Casharmour CH4 S

Unified and uncomplicated cash management

Solution for self-service payment in stores

With unmatched advantages, CASHARMOUR CH4 S is a complete self-service solution, covering cash and coin payments.

The intelligent system for optimizing payments

CASHARMOUR CH4 S is a simplified model, which can be used in any customer service store and in any activity sector.

Reduced Footprint | Casharmour CH4 S

Reduced footprint

This model stands out for its ease of placement.

Increased productivity | Casharmour CH4 S

Increased productivity

Employees are able to be more productive, because they can dedicate themselves to more important tasks.

Facilidade de integração | Casharmour CH4 S

Ease of integration

Casharmour CH4 S is easy to use and integrate with POS systems.

Monetary accuracy and efficiency

In stores with self-service kiosks, automated payment helps to shorten queues. However, these processes only allow payment by card.

In these cases, CASHARMOUR CH4 S makes the self-service process easier and faster for customers.

Technical characteristics

Type | Casharmour CH4 S



Size | Casharmour CH4 S


1445x295x433 mm

Display | Casharmour CH4 S


Display of 10’’

Weight | Casharmour CH4 S


Aprox. 20kg

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