Casharmour CH2

Modern design that fits any space

A unique system

Casharmour CH2 enables integration with two monitors, one for the customer and one for the employee, or with a rotating monitor.

Composed of modules, Casharmour CH2 allows the employee to handle the customer's order directly in Casharmour's payment system.

Simplified cash handling | Casharmour CH2

Simplified cash handling

It allows to receive and optimize the return of change.

Perfect finishes | Casharmour CH2

Perfect finishes

Modern and versatile, it is distinguished by perfect finishes.

Possibility of customization | Casharmour CH2

Possibility of customization

Customized system for each business and each client.

Perfect finishes

Casharmour CH2 fits perfectly into any space and industry, with a special focus on the retail sector.

Flexible and easy to use, Casharmour CH2 presents itself as a unique system with perfect finishes.

Technical characteristics

Type | Casharmour CH2



Size | Casharmour CH2


520x425x405 mm

Display | Casharmour CH2


Display of 10’’

Weight | Casharmour CH2


Aprox. 25kg

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