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Cash payments

Casharmour from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS works simply and effectively. When the customer wants to pay, the employee only has to press a button in the software.

From that moment on, the amount is displayed to the customer in the Casharmour and he only has to enter coins and notes to pay. On the Casharmour's display, the customer will be able to see the missing amount and, at the end, the Casharmour gives the correct change.

Contactless payments

Casharmour from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS aims to meet the needs of consumers by enabling contactless payments.

Contactless payments, thus, provide speed, efficiency and security. In addition, users don't need to worry about coins or banknotes at the time of purchase.

Materials | Casharmour


The structure can be in lacquered steel.

Wi-Fi | Casharmour


Casharmour may be equipped with Wi-fi.

Card Reader | Casharmour

Card Reader

A credit card reader can be integrated.

Bar Code | Casharmour

Bar Code

A Bar Code Reader can be integrated.

Display | Casharmour


Multitouch displays range in size from 5” to 10”.

Cash | Casharmour


Integrated note and coin acceptors.

QR Code & Barcode Reader

Extremely modern and functional, Casharmour allows QR Code and barcode reading.

Casharmour can also integrate the QR Code system of invoices. In other words, Casharmour reads the invoices, which are immediately displayed on the screen with the amount the customer has to pay.

Payment of invoices

Especially useful for municipalities, Casharmour also allows the payment of invoices.

Payment identification in Casharmour can be done in two ways: the invoice can be identified by the user's PIN or by the invoice number or code.

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Casharmour Draw

Casharmour DRAW is a private Casharmour, which can be used in any company and in any industry.

Casharmour Butler

In order to simplify the service process, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has produced and developed the Butler software, which can be used at Casharmour in any industry.

This system allows any employee of an establishment, using a smartphone or tablet to send the payment request to any Casharmour machine installed on site.

POS Integration

Casharmour, allowing different payment methods, can be used at any point of sale to the public, and also enables integration with any POS or platform.

Rotating monitor

The CH2, CH3 and CH4 versions of Casharmour enable the integration of a rotating display.

This way, both employees and customers can view the information that is shown on the display in a convenient and efficient way.

Rotating monitor | Casharmour


So that there is no waste of time with the collection and management of data, Casharmour makes the analysis of statistical data. In other words, it is possible, with this system, to follow the transactions that are being made in real-time, obtaining an analysis of the flow of money in and out of the establishments.

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