Casharmour CH3

System that meets users needs

A new payment experience

Casharmour CH3 is most commonly used for paying invoices.

Casharmour CH3 can also integrate a QR Code reader and a barcode reader.

Suitable for any space | Casharmour CH3

Suitable for any space

A system adaptable to the market.

Modern design | Casharmour CH3

Modern design

Modernity is one of Casharmour's assets.

Users satisfaction | Casharmour CH3

Users satisfaction

Casharmour meets the users' needs.

Payment without complications

Casharmour CH3 can have one or two monitors on top.

Casharmour CH3 payment system is extremely useful for municipalities, especially since it allows the payment of invoices.

Technical characteristics

Type | Casharmour CH3



Size | Casharmour CH3


1075x500x530 mm

Display | Casharmour CH3


Display of 10’’

Weight | Casharmour CH3


Aprox. 35kg

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