Casharmour CH5

Modernity and elegance are the key words

A differentiating system

Casharmour CH5 is distinguished by the fact that it is a device primarily made for spaces that do not have as much vertical space. Therefore, it is lower but wider than other Casharmour devices.

In addition, it enables contactless payments.

Adaptable to any space | Casharmour CH5


System suitable for any space.

Higher transaction speed | Casharmour CH5

Higher transaction speed

Decreased time spent handling cash.

Convenience | Casharmour CH5


This system brings greater convenience to users.

Boost business growth

Casharmour CH5, a slightly lower equipment, is ideal for establishments with less vertical space, and can be integrated into a counter.

Enhancing the growth of any business, the Casharmour CH5 version has a modern design and a dynamic system.

Technical characteristics

Type | Casharmour CH5



Size | Casharmour CH5


385x515x575 mm

Display | Casharmour CH5


Display of 10’’

Weight | Casharmour CH5


Aprox. 35kg

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