Casharmour CH1

Adapted to any place and any business

Added valuefor customers and employees

Casharmour CH1 is especially useful when it comes to receiving and collecting payments from customers.

Designed primarily for the restaurant industry, although it is an asset for any industry, Casharmour CH1 gives change and automatically balances the cash at the end of the day and/or shift.

Optimization of operations | Casharmour CH1

Optimization of operations

It is committed to improving business efficiency.

Adaptable to any sector | Casharmour CH1

Adaptable to any sector

Structure designed for any market and space.

Compact design | Casharmour CH1

Compact design

Compact design that fits any space.

Quality details

Casharmour CH1 is distinguished by its large size, with a single integrated monitor (for the customer) and quality details.

Considering its size, it is perfect for busy locations. In addition, it allows a greater circulation of money, since the notepad and the coin-box are also large.

Technical characteristics

Type | Casharmour



Size | Casharmour


730x680x500 mm

Display | Casharmour


Display of 7’’

Weight | Casharmour


Aprox. 25kg

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