Automation system for payment and receiving processes

Casharmour is the cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes, simplifying cash handling quickly and efficiently.

Provide a fastand secure payment system

Make an unprecedented payment management!

Increase security

With Casharmour, an electronic record can be provided for every transaction made, which ensures accountability and security.

The access to the money is controlled and the time that the money stays in sight is reduced.

Small gestures big transactions

Cash is still the most convenient payment method these days and it is, therefore, the most requested.

In addition to receiving and collecting payments from customers, Casharmour gives change and automatically balances the cash at the end of the day and/or shift.

Modern Design

Priming for contemporaneity, Casharmour presents a modern design that fits any space and any activity sector.

Models to your measure

Casharmour has a system against theft or robbery, interdicts access to unauthorized persons and eliminates errors related to cash handling.

Save employee time | Casharmour

Save time

Saving about 50% of the employee's time.

Customer satisfaction | Casharmour

Customer satisfaction

Reduced waiting time in long lines.

SSystem against theft or robbery | Casharmour


System against theft or robbery and interdiction to unauthorized persons.

Optimization of operations time | Casharmour


Optimization of operations time and human resource management.

Simplifying and speeding up cash closing and eliminating errors | Casharmour


Simplifying and speeding up cash closing and eliminating errors.

Highlighting the dedication of human resources | Casharmour

Employee dedication

Highlighting the dedication of human resources.

productivity in your establishment!

Automation system for payment and receiving processes | Casharmour

All sectors and markets

At the vanguard of automation, this payment system is dynamic and versatile, making it ideal for any sector or market. With the ability to be used at any point of sale to the public, Casharmour is customized to each business and each customer.

Self-checkout for
supermarkets and retail

The CH6 Self-checkout kiosk, an effective and efficient solution, improves customers' shopping experience in commercial establishments such as stores and supermarkets.

This solution offers greater autonomy and convenience, customers can enjoy a faster and more simplified payment process, thus increasing the flow of customers within establishments.

Automation system for payment and receiving processes | Casharmour

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