Casharmour APP
for smartphone

In order to make the daily routine of all employees easier, Casharmour presents a mobile application which allows communication between the terminal operator and Casharmour itself.

This promotes the communication between the terminal operator and Casharmour itself, allows the optimization of payments at any time and also allows everyone to be aware of the payment processes in force in real time.

Casharmour - App Operador


With Casharmour, it becomes easy to receive and manage the return of change, efficiently and safely, optimizing operations and providing new payment options!

Casharmour - App Operador


Allows you to work with several Casharmour terminals, checking their availability.

Casharmour - App Operador

Transactions and report

View a history of all transactions made on Casharmour.

Casharmour - App Operador

Centralized control

Control Casharmour terminals anywhere and in real time.

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